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Fightstar 12 another massive success

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FightStar 12 saw another quickly sold out crowd gathering to watch a stacked fight card, one that, even with injuries affecting the final card, more than exceeded fans expectations, especially with a record 8 ProAm bouts that easily caused FightStar 12 to stake its claim to the best MMA event (amateur or professional) in May.

1st Fight: JP Geldenhuys vs. Jacques Prinsloo (Heavyweight Bout)

1st Round: JP comes in with kicks, which Jacques takes advantage of and responds with a flurry of strikes.  JP returns the favour forcing Jacques to go for a takedown, where Jacques moves into full mount, postures up and throws some heavy ground and pound to force the ref to stop the fight.

Winner via TKO Jacques Prinsloo (2m14s into the 1st Round)


2nd Fight: Isaak Lombard vs. Luthan van Tonder (Lightheavyweight Bout)

1st Round: The fight starts at a frantic pace of the fight, Luthan almost gets Isaak’s back while they trade strikes, which Luthan avoids by turning but gets taken down.  Isaak careful to not get submitted while trying to get ground and pound strikes in. Isaak stands up and immediately throws a strike straight down on Luthan ending up on top of Luthan again. Luthan tries to turn but Isaak takes his back, round ends with no real damage done by Isaak in such a dominating position

2nd Round: The fighters trade kicks, Isaak throws a bowler but just misses, they end up in the clinch, taking turns turning each other against cage. Luthan attempts a guillotine but fails, Isaak tries a single leg takedown but fails, and they trade knees in the clinch to end the round.

3rd Round: Isaak runs towards Luthan with a punch, they again clinch and Isaak battles with a hip toss, until he finally gets it. Luthan stands up and launches into a barrage of strikes forcing Isaak back, Isaak defending enough to survive it. Luthan is visibly tired, and is being forced onto the back foot by Isaak, they hear the clapper and they go crazy for a finish but the fight ends

Winner via Unanimous Decision Isaak Lombard


3rd Fight: Cameron Birnie vs. Edson Flavio (Welterweight Bout)

1st Round: Another frantic start by these amateurs, Cameron attempts to take Edson down but ends up at the bottom with Edson in full mount, softens Cameron up & moves to a slick armbar submission which Cameron fights as much as possible but is forced to tap out.

Winner via Armbar Edson Flavio (1m15s into the 1st Round)


4th Fight: Sean Malher vs. Brett Voster (Welterweight Bout)

1st Round: Great movement by Brett who moves in, strikes, and moves back out, gets clipped on attack & drops his hands. Sean then clinches Brett instead of going for strikes to finish the fight. There is a groin kick and the fighters are reset & Brett using kicks again Sean. Brett gets caught backing out of a kick and they end up in the clinch, Brett attempts guillotine choke but there is nothing there, they trade more strikes in the clinch when the round ends.


2nd Round: Same in & out strategy by Brett, and has good success again with kicks against Sean. Sean responds with a burst of strikes, and they end up back in the clinch, where they trade knees. Brett pushes off, lands a good overhand, and goes back into the clinch, Brett manages to knock Sean down with kick, follows him down to the ground but the round ends.


3rd Round: Brett starts again with a leg kick, causing a counter attack by Sean, Brett gets Sean down, throws an overhand to the ground. Brett then proceeds to throw Cerrone-esque kicks on Sean, launching several kicks at full power, he then falls on top of Sean, proceed to land vicious ground and pound on Sean forcing a ref stoppage.

Winner via TKO Brett Voster (1m46s into the 3rd Round)


5th Fight: Orlando Mashaba vs. Elbert Steyn (Featherweight Bout)

1st Round: Both fighters taking their time and feeling each other out, Elbert goes in for a takedown, and ends up in side mount, Elbert works to full mount with some good technique. Elbert with some heavy ground and pound to soften Orlando for a submission but just destroys him, forcing the end of fight!

Winner via TKO Elbert Steyn (1m24s into the 1st Round)


6th Fight: Horatius Alonu vs. Gert van Antwerp (Welterweight Bout)

1st Round: Horatius just picks Gert apart with strikes and knocks him out!

Winner via KO Horatius Alonu (00m55s into the 1st Round)


7th Fight: Fortuna Kabwe vs. Mark Harmse (Bantamweight Bout)

1st Round: Mark eats a strike then launches into Fortuna, taking him down hard into the canvas ending up straight into full mount. Mark lands strikes but gets sweeped, but immediately attacks with a triangle & then armbar that Fortuna escapes from. Fortuna getting the better of the striking, forcing Mark to go for a takedown but lands up in a guillotine which he rides the round out in.

2nd Round: Devastating head kick by Mark completely rocks Fortuna who falls to the floor & ground and pound by Mark forces the ref to call the fight.

Winner via TKO Mark Harmse (00m28s into the 2nd Round)

8th Fight: Gunter Kalunda vs. Lance Pina (Welterweight Bout)

1st Round: Lance moves straight in on Gunter but ends up in a guillotine which he literally defends for almost the entire round!

2nd Round: Lance lands a strike forcing Gunter to go for a takedown, Gunter & Lance trading strikes on the ground, with Gunter on top, constantly trying to improve position.

3rd Round: A repeat of the 2nd round, with Gunter on top until the ref finally stands them up, better strikes by Lance forces another takedown by Gunter, who again rides the round out on the top position.

Winner via Unanimous Decision Gunter Kalunda


9th Fight: Julian Cook vs. Roedolf van Heerden (Middleweight Bout)

This fight was a great display of boxing by these two amateur fighters, a see-saw battle with Julian edging Roedolf over the course of the three rounds with an all-round MMA game.

Winner via Unanimous Decision Julian Cook


10th Fight: Brendon Lesar vs. Gerdhus Scheepers (Middleweight Bout)

1st Round: Brendon goes for the takedown but ends up at the bottom but works his way to the top by sweeping Gerdhus. Brendon works for the guillotine choke and has it tight enough forcing the tap from Gerdhus.

Winner via Guillotine Choke Brendon Lesar (1m43s into the 1st Round)


11th Fight: Makhosi Thsipa vs. Sean Taylor (Bantamweight Bout)

1st Round: Sean & Makhosi trade, and they end up in the clinch with Makhosi maintaining dominance. A point is deducted for Sean for cage grabbing.

2nd Round: Sean goes for the takedown after eating a punch, tries to take Makhosi down but battles, and eventually gets him down. Sean works both the body and head, while Makhosi tries to counter strike.

3rd Round: Trading punches, Sean goes for takedown but it is stuffed, and they end up on the ground. Makhosi throwing hammer fists. Sean trying to work a submission. The fighters are stood up and again Sean’s takedown is stuffed with them ending up on the ground. Makhosi working the ground and pound on Sean and forces a stoppage with 2 seconds to go.

Winner via TKO Makhosi Thsipa (2m58s into the 3rd Round)


12th Fight: Stephen Goncalves vs. Willie McLaggen (Featherweight Bout)

1st Round: Straight to the clinch and Stephen throwing knees at will, he takes Willie down but Willie manages to sweep and get on top. Stephen manages to sweep again, posturing and throwing strikes, moves easily to full mount and lands the fight ending ground and pound.

Winner via TKO Stephen Goncalves (2m28s into the 1st Round)


13th Fight: Martin Joubert vs. Cobus Dauth (Bantamweight Bout)

1st Round: Seems like there must be bad blood between these two as they open the fight by throwing with abandon here, with Martin finding home for his kicks. These two are going for a knockout, Cobus gets taken down but no real damage done by Martin who cannot capitalise. There is a groin strike but nothing else of note in the round.

2nd Round: Both fighters again headhunting with Cobus the first to find his target properly, he manages to clip Martin and moves in to finish him, forcing the ref to call the fight.

Winner via TKO Cobus Dauth (1m36s into the 2nd Round)


14th Fight: Mzamo Madlopha vs. JayDee van der Merwe (Bantamweight ProAm Bout)

1st Round: Mzamo and JayDee feeling each other out to the point that the ref asks them to engage, JayDee then moves in and takes Mzamo down. Mzamo doing well to stop JayDee from improving his side control position, eventually Mzamo forces JayDee to stand up. JayDee takes him down again, moves towards a kimura, then a keylock but Mzamo gets up, escapes and he then takes JayDee down.

2nd Round Mzamo coming out with strikes, JayDee then takes him down and moves towards putting a slick armbar on, he manages the submission and gets the tap!

Winner via Armbar JayDee van der Merwe (00m53s into the 2nd Round)


15th Fight: Marcel Els vs. Fanie Prinsloo (Lightweight ProAm Bout)

1st Round: Marcel comes out aggressive, goes for a standing guillotine while clinched against the cage but Fanie escapes, attempted knee bar by Marcel isn’t successful as they end up on the ground. Marcel dominates Fanie and catches him in triangle choke!

Winner via Triangle Choke Marcel Els (1m49s into the 1st Round)


16th Fight: Aly Kallamby vs. Leon White (Featherweight ProAM Bout)

1st Round: Tentative feeling out between these two, Aly lands a hard body kick, Leon just missing with head kicks. Aly throwing combos but Leon manages to barely land a head kick Aly seems to throw every strike full strength.

2nd Round: Aly lands a hard leg kick that hurts Leon, Leon pushes forward and Aly picks him up and throws him to the canvas. Ref stands them up due to inactivity. Trading leg kicks, both fighters’ legs showing visible damage with Aly edging Leon. Aly just moving out of the counter strikes quick enough to not get punished.

3rd Round: Leon barely lands a head kick, and they go into the clinch against the cage, they both turn each other against the cage. Aly pushes out, lands a nice body kick but Leon is a game opponent although he is taking counter strike punishment. Aly attempts a takedown but it gets stuffed, both fighters back against the cage in the clinch and we go to the judges.

Winner via Unanimous Decision Aly Kallamby




17th Fight: Allen Smith vs. Ntumbe Claude (Lightweight ProAm Bout)

1st Round: The technical striking and movement of Allen versus the brute aggression from Ntumbe gives us a seesaw battle between them. The body kicks traded between these two numbers into the double digits, with neither of them willing to give an inch.

2nd Round: Allen gets an opening when he clips Ntumbe, but his aggression costs him as Ntumbe recovers and takes him down. Allen gets hammered on the ground but sets up a sneaky armbar forcing Ntumbe to tap and delivering the Fight of the Night

Winner via Armbar Allen Smith (1m53s into the 2nd Round)



18th Fight: Khulekani Hlongwa vs. Tresor Boluwa (Middleweight ProAm Bout)

1st Round: Fighters trading body kicks, Tresor takes Khulekani down, manages to lands heavy shots to the body of Khulekani. Khulekani works his way back to his feet. Khulekani lands strikes, and a body kick, his second attempt at a body kick gets caught and he is taken down by Tresor. There is no action from the fighters so the ref stands them up. Straight back into action, Khulekani gets thrown to the canvas with a judo throw by Tresor. Both throwing strikes at each other on the ground with Tresor in guard.

2nd Round: Tresor definitely stronger on the ground, with Khulekani dominant in the striking. Tresor takes Khulekani down but he again manages to get back to his feet. Khulekani this time takes Tresor down, and lands some good ground and pound to force Tresor to try escape. Tresor sweeps Khulekani and is again dominant when on top of Khulekani.

3rd Round: Khulekani starts aggressive as he realises he is two rounds down, he gets into the clinch and an attempted judo throw by Tresor isn’t pulled off properly. Khulekani ends up on the bottom again though when taken down and Tresor moves to half guard, then Khulekani manages to get back up to his feet. Khulekani tries to take Tresor down but fails and Tresor manages to turn Khulekani and end up on top of him again. Stood up again due to inactivity, they both go for the knockout, end up in clinch and both try take each other down.

Winner via Unanimous Decision Tresor Boluwa


19th Fight: Roevan de Beer vs. JP Buys (Bantamweight ProAm Bout) FightStar Bantamweight Title

1st Round: JP immediately comes in with a flying kick to the head and immediately follows that up with strikes which knocks Roevan down hard to the canvas, JP moves in for further strikes but the referee stops the fight.

Winner via TKO JP Buys (00m11s into the 1st Round) – FightStar Bantamweight Champion





20th Fight: Roedie Roets vs. Riyaad Pandy (Lightweight ProAm Bout) FightStar Lightweight Title

1st Round: Couple of seconds of feeling out and then both fighters explode into strikes, Roedie takes Riyaad down, Roedie then stands and immediately throws a strike down on the grounded Riyaad, and in the scramble Roedie lands in side control. Riyaad gets him back to half mount although eats a punch, Roedie latches on to Riyaad like a wet towel. Riyaad works to get back to full guard momentarily but Roedie is in full control from the top, throws some ground and pound but Riyaad manages to get back to his feet.

2nd Round: Strikes again start the round with Roedie going for the takedown successfully. Riyaad manages to land some strikes on Roedie as he gets into guard. Riyaad throws on a quick armbar which causes the crowd to go wild but Roedie works out of it quickly and ends up in his Riyaad’s half guard, Riyaad works back to full guard, throwing strikes on Roedie but Roedie just pressing ahead. Inactivity and the ref stands them up. Riyaad gets taken down again, with Roedie again in half guard, then full guard, then back to half guard, again works to full guard. Roedie throwing in strikes as he finds gaps. Again inactivity and ref stands them up again. Riyaad standing too tall and gets slammed down again, bit of a scramble but the round ends

3rd Round: Riyaad defending against strikes but gets taken down, Roedie in half guard again. Roedie trying for a submission and Riyaad bleeding from his forehead. Roedie moves to half guard, using elbows to do some damage. Riyaad works Roedie back to full guard again while looking for an armbar submission again. Riyaad lands a strike on Roedie, scrambles but Roedie ends up in side control, worked back to half guard, then worked back to full guard. Ref stands them up again due to inactivity. Riyaad rocks Roedie who then retaliates with a takedown.

4th Round: Round begins with striking between the fighters, Riyaad rushes in but gets taken down, Roedie again on top and landing strikes when he can, works from full guard to half guard. Riyaad tying Roedie up and works Roedie back to full guard. Roedie postures up, jumps to half guard. Roedie doing some damage, controlling Riyaad from the top.

5th Round: Riyaad moves in again with strikes and is taken down again, Roedie works his way to side mount but eventually ref stands them up due to inactivity. Riyaad clips Roedie who flings him to the canvas and almost takes his back. Roedie moves into Riyaad’s half guard again. Riyaad works Roedie back to full guard. Roedie postures and lands a strike but ref stands them up again due to inactivity. Taken down again and in full guard, Roedie postures up and Riyaad lands a strike, but ends up in North South, Riyaad scrambles back to half guard. Roedie just dominating to a certain point on the ground. Roedie putting more effort in trying to finish the fight. Fight ends and we go to the judges.

Winner via Unanimous Decision Roedie Roets – FightStar Lightweight Champion



21st Fight: Dwain Meredith vs. Wessel Mostert (Heavyweight ProAm Bout) FightStar Lightweight Title

1st Round: Wessel coming out swinging against Dwain, forcing Dwain to move in to the clinch. Wessel breaks free and is sticking in and out with strikes but Dwain again tying him up in the clinch. Wessel hurting Dwain in the stand up and does enough damage to knock Dwain out.

Winner via KO Wessel Mostert (3m58s into the 1st Round) – FightStar Heavyweight Champion



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