Branding is the process of forming memories, emotions and a relationship around your brand in the consumer’s brain. The goal is to build such a strong connection and such strong belief that the consumer take on your brand identity as their own. They use your brand to help define who they are as a person.

Creating these deep connections is far from easy and is something that takes time. However, there are some strategies you can start implementing to develop to start turning your customers into cult-like brand advocates.

As Dale Carnegie famously said, “The sweetest sound in any language is one’s name.” As powerful as someone’s name is, it’s equally important to have context around that name. Tailoring your brand experience around an individual consumer is what will start building those deep branding connections.

Find ways to start personalizing everything you do in your business from the products to customer service experience and messaging on your website. Make a point to learn each customer’s name, interests and hobbies, among other things and then tailor your messaging and interactions around those items.

To some this might not seem scalable, however, with the power of data, social logins and simply building knowledge gathering steps into your processes, it’s easier than you think.

There’s no question, branding is a long-term commitment that requires unwavering discipline and confidence in the idea your brand stands for. The brands which are true to their ideas and are successful in building that emotional connection are the brands who enjoy the cult-like followers we as marketers all try to achieve.


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