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Mount Dynamics – Escaping | Part 5 | On the mat with Morne

In mount dynamics part 5 we will be covering the last of our 4 basic escapes. It is important to drill these techniques over and over until such time that your movements become fluid and one can apply these techniques with pure muscle memory and not hesitating and wondering about the actual steps involved to escape the mount. The secret here is consistent training over a long period of time! Choose your training partners wisely as you do not want to drill or learn these techniques in a competitive environment or against an aggressive loose headed training partner. First drill them with no resistance from your partner and then progress the resistance until your partner is fully resisting your efforts. Depending on your level of experience this can take a couple of days to weeks to months. Once you have got the four basic escapes down where you are able to apply them, then add striking to the equation. Again, intellectual progressive resistance is the key here. Start with light punches and work your way up to the heavier strikes. I always refer to a gym workout for my students to understand progressive resistance better. When you visit the gym for the first time to train in some weights one also uses the progressive resistance concept. Let’s take a common exercise like bench pressing as an example. The first day you were introduced or taught how to correctly do bench presses, did you do so with 200kg’s of plates on the barbell? I highly doubt it. Correct method would be to first learn the technique without any weights on just with the barbell alone. Then progressively adding weight allowing your body to adapt and grow stronger. Same principle applies with learning new techniques. Be smart and leave your ego at the door when entering the MMA gym. Elevation/Hip hop escapeThe ‘Hip Hop’ escape is the last of our mount escaping techniques in this series. A couple of guidelines when applying this escape:-  One utilizes explosive hip movement to elevate your opponent off the ground. -  It’s imperative once you start your escape to not stop and to ‘flow’ through all the steps below.-  This escape works best when your opponent is in a low mounted position and does not have a strong hold on your legs with his legs/hooks.

Quick Summary

By placing your hands on your opponents hips and thrusting  upwards elevating your opponent, you have the opportunity to  pull your knees up and catching your opponents weight on  your shins starting your butterfly guard gamee


Technical sequence1. Opponent is holding you in a low mount. Keep your elbows on the inside of his legs.

2. Stay underneath your opponent and ensure he is mounted over your hips. Bring your feet close to your butt. Buck your hips vertical up following it up with an upward ‘bench press’ with your arms. It’s imperative that this is done explosively.

3. Bring your knees to your chest and wrap your arms around your opponent’s upper torso placing him in your butterfly guard.

4. Obtain an overhook and underhook position on your opponents arms.

5. Roll the opponent over to the arm you have overhooked, while your other arm that has underhooked your opponents arm will ‘high 5’ the mat behind you.

6. Continue to roll

7. Slide your knee into your opponents belly, giving you a superior top position with many options.


Having your opponent mount you and start pounding from the top in a MMA fight is no fun. One needs to spend many hours training to escape the mount and more so avoiding being mounted in the first place. Same is true for the flip side of the coin, one needs to spend many hours working to obtain the mounted position and maintaining it. In the next couple of parts of mount dynamics I will be sharing some great training methods and tactics with you to take your game to the next level.

Until we meet again,
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