September 28, 2011 @ 3:26 pm

Gordon Roodman Shido Warrior

How old are you and where are you from?

26 – Originally from Cape town, but currently based in Pretoria.

What weight do you fight at?

For now at middle but very soon at Welter

How did you get into MMA

I went to the local Spar, ha ha ha, no seriously, I went to Spar, noticed the MMA gym in the complex, checked it out and the rest is history.

Did you have martial arts experience before MMA?

Yeah, unfortunately I also wasted years, by doing useless Shotokan karate, no disrespect meant. I hold a 1st Dan in Shotokan as well as 3 world titles in amateur kick boxing.

What do you enjoy about the MMA?

It is the ultimate human challenge, no scripts, no rehearsals, no 2nd chances; just pure fighting. It reveals each individual’s character to himself and the world. It is the purest form of sports combat and I love it.

Why do you compete?

I believe in one way or another, all fighters compete as a form of “self validation through personal achievement”.  As for myself, I enjoy the challenge of winning the crowd over. MMA to me is a spectator sport. Just as the Gladiators of old were to the Romans, so we are to the fans. And the roar of the Arena is what fuels me. I fight for the fans every time I get in that cage !

Which moments have been highlights on your MMA journey?

There has been a few, but most likely the most defining has been my 1st fight.  a K.O. loss to Cecil Smit, it changed my whole life. It made me realise that MMA is a lifestyle not just a sport, you gotta live it, not just do it !

What are you most proud of achieving

I am but in the beginning of my career, but thus far, being able to say I am part of “Team Nemisis” the Shido Fighting Systems, Fight team. Nothing in MMA means more to me then making my gym, coaches ant team mates proud to call me one of theirs . . .

Tell us about your last fight

It was against Heins le Roux from the former Wa Go Ken San gym. It was a horrible fight. I was so eager to dominate him that I ended up with a pure display of ‘uncontrolled aggression‘ and even though I won via K.O. in the 1st round, I never want to put on such a ugly fight again.

What are your MMA plans?

I am heading to the EFC within the next year and then I want to become the people’s champion. I’m fighting at Welter weight from now on and you better believe who ever has the belt when I get there, is in my scope. I wana put on legendary fights, I want to give the fans wars, I wana be ‘The Champ’!

Where do you train and how often

I train at Shido Fighting Systems in Centurion Pretoria – 5 days a week and more if possible. I also do morning cardio and strength sessions 6 days a week. At Shido, we believe fitness and conditioning is the only element in a fight you have full control over, so be the master of it.

What do you do when not competing?

Sleeping, Eating, Training and repeating . . . No really. MMA is all I ever do, outside of raising my two beautiful children.

Who is your mentor?

Arno Pienaar, my coach. The man is the most inspiring figure I have ever met. He has thought me all I know about fighting and forces me to reveal the truth about myself to myself. He is more then a coach, he is a true ‘mentor’

Anyone you would like to thank or mention

My Family ! – They all offer up so much that I cant begin to express my gratitude for the great sacrifices you make to help me become the greatest fighter I can be. THANK YOU !

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