July 1, 2010 @ 7:52 am

Fight Force | Wesley Hawkey. The most aggressive Hawkey yet.

Birds of a feather flock together and the Hawkey’s are a family that fights together.  Wesley is the youngest and most aggressive of the fight famous brethren to emerge from the Hawkey hatchery.  We watched as Wesley made his Professional debut against Tyson Chelin, also a Professional MMA debutant, at Fight Force Redemption.  The fight was not just a debut for Chelin but a baptism of fire delivered upon him by the deeply religious Hawkey.  The fight won our Fight of the Night award and as such we proudly feature him this month.

What was the moment of inspiration that motivated you to get involved in MMA?

“Seeing Donavin doing well in MMA sparked something inside of me.  “I want to be better than Donavin” is my mantra and my goal.  It’s what drives me in this sport and as Donavin gets better so do I as I have to up my game constantly to achieve my mantra.  What’s good is that all three of us (Justin Hawkey included) learn from each other so we learn new tricks every day.”

What is it like to fight under the Hawkey banner? How much value does having a wealth of fight knowledge around you add to your performance and success?

“We are a family of fighters who train hard because we love fighting as a sport. We are competitive which probably makes us better than most because we always trying to outdo each other and as each of us gets better so does the next.”

What do you love about fighting?

“I think the challenge of getting into a caged arena testing your skill against another formidable opponent is what excites me in the sport of MMA. Then there is always something new to be learned as the sport progresses.”

You have won your first pro fight.  What else do you want to achieve in your career?

“At the moment my focus is on each fight as it comes. I am still new in this sport and do not want to blow my chances by taking too big of a leap. We discuss each opponent and then decide whether they are right for what we want to accomplish and to indicate which area of my fighting skills we should focus on next.”

You are an incredibly aggressive fighter.  Where does that aggression come from?

“Being the youngest of the three brothers, it’s hard to compete with Don and Justin’s fighting abilities but we are fortunate enough to have been handed each a different tool – Don with his placidness, Justin has punching power and I have aggression. Also rolling with them pretty much being bullied (laughs) ignites that aggression and I am able to control and focus it in the right direction.”

How has fighting impacted your life positively?

“It’s created a focus in life for me, something to work towards. The training keeps me fit and healthy as well as a way to deal with other stressful situations I may be facing.”

What do you want your opponents to think when they know they are fighting you?

“I may be small but they in for a very big challenge, be prepared for a fight of your life.”

What do you want the fans to think when they hear your name called?

“Hier kom kak! (Laughs) Only joking!! Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. For now I suppose nothing, expectation can also put a lot of pressure on a fighter and having the Hawkey name is pressure enough. I want to just do my best and hope the crowd appreciates it.”

When you look back on your career what do you want to see?

“Ultimately growth as a fighter,  I do not want to go through 5 years of fighting to see the same fighter as when I started. I need to progress as a fighter or else what’s the point.”

Who would you like to thank?

“Firstly, I’d like to thank the Lord for this opportunity in my life and for giving me strength and courage throughout my fighting career. I’d also like to thank my soon to be wife for all her patience and support, my family for their backing and support, my trainers and training partners for assisting me and my sponsors for their support… well the few that I have (Laughs).

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  • mark bristow

    Young wesley is definitely one to watch going forward, best part of all is that all the brothers have got great talent and are a really a nice bunch of friendly guys, they always draw a crowd

  • Punisher

    Awesome man!!! def a Force in MMA SA!!!

  • Mr.X

    Great article, This guy has his head on right…no point training so hard and you stay the same fighter. Progression is everything and I’m keen to keep a close eye on this guy, Keep up the hard work.


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