November 15, 2011 @ 4:17 pm

Nelspruit Fight Night 4


Smack Talk travelled to the spruit over the weekend to watch NFN4.  After our last trip we were all very eager to return to witness another crazy night of fights.  Trust me we weren’t disappointed!


The event, organised by Bertus Coetzee and Craig Macfadyen, is an exciting well organized evening and gives the local fighters the opportunity to test their skills against some of Gauteng’s best.  It also gives the people of Nelspruit the opportunity to come out and support their fighters. I have to tell you that this is one of the best supported events I have ever been to. There were times in the evening when you couldn’t even hear yourself think. The crowd was insane hats off to you Nelspruit!


The under card started with an exciting points win for Brandon Kinnear of team Loco over Sifundo Mdlalose of Tri Dragons. This was followed by a submission by guillotine for Theo Busschau over Vaughn Booth, two local boys.  Armand Erasmus followed with the submission of the night, an impressive triangle which his coach and corner man Nolan “the real deal “Swanepoel would have been proud of. The next Colesseum fighter Riyaad Pandy landed a big right before taking lee Kuik down and getting a TKO win with some good ground and pound work.


Undisputed home of EFC Champ Demarte Pena (who was in the corner for all their fight) got a good win when Mark Hume ,an up and coming youngster, dominated Zander Moolman from Mile High Kick Boxing. Watch this boy he has talent!


To wrap up the under card we saw Renier Vos of Tuff Enuff get his first win in MMA. A great achievement for a fighter that has fought and lost 22 times, a great example of a fighter that refused to give up. He was very clinical in the way that he disposed of Rudi Bosman (Team Loco) with a guillotine choke. Hats off to you Renier it’s been a long time coming.


After the break the night got even hotter!


The Colesseum Gym picked up another impressive win when Barend Nienaber stopped Willie Mclaglin by TKO ground and pound in the 1st.Rudi Otto of Trinity MMA Witbank came out on top in a exciting heavyweight clash with Simon Harle of Team Loco, some BIG takedowns in this match.



The next 2 hours were insane!


Andrew van Niekerk was knocked out by David Mazinyane with a huge right (Also a name to watch out for).King Leo, in David’s corner had a smile from ear to ear, straight out of his book. David took knock out of the night.

The next fight saw Donovan Wilken (Coleseum) dominate Matt Biurski for 2 rounds only for the ever impressive Matt to pull an incredible reversal into an arm bar and finished Donovan with ground and pound. It was an incredible fight; I can’t wait to see these guys again.

Next were local favourite Jedri Koekemoer and JC Lamprect.  These guys had started their antics at the weigh ins and when JC pushed away Jedri’s out stretched hand the crowd erupted. I couldn’t even hear myself think as the crowd chanted “Jedri, Jedri” .Jedri came out fighting he took control of the first round, much to the crowds delight. However JC, who had never been in the 2nd round before, came out and destroyed the Nelspruit dream. JC won by rear naked choke in the 2nd. Again a hugely impressive fight and hats off to both fighters

I have to mention that JC came out and apologised for his antic to the crowd after the MC Dewalt ‘the beast’ Botes called his coach Arno Pinaar out. It took huge balls to stand in front of that crowd and apologise, well done JC.  Personally I think that MMA needs a few more showmen like you after all it is a fight?

In the next fight Gareth Buirski beat Jason Wilken in the 2nd with a rear naked choke. It was also a great fight with Gareth’s aggressive style dominating Jason. Again watch out for both these fighters, they are going places.

Another name to watch is Mervyn Moller of Tri 4Dragons; he absolutely destroyed local favourite Bertus Coetzee with 3 power upper cuts.

Then on to the Title Fight, you’ve heard of keeping the best till last? This they did!

Marino Cuttendana of Undisputed and Lourens Botes of Trinity MMA went toe to toe for five impressive rounds. I had them at 2 -2 on the score card when they came out for the fifth. After back and forth exchanges Marino managed to get Lourens’s back. He ended it in the fifth with a rear naked choke that seemed to take the breath away from all of Nelspruit as the crowd sat in disbelief.

This fight won fight of the night and was a great title fight.


What a great event, congrats to everyone involved we will be back for sure.

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  • Mamma Kru

    So tell me what you idiots have to say about Mark “the hammer” Hulme now he just fough and beat Jean Barnard from team mayhem at Rise of the Warrior XI in the first round by triangle choke. It’s amazing how you have a lot to say online but don’t give to credit to a fighter when he deserves it. Stop being haters and just accept when you are wrong about a fighter Mark works hard and wins fights because he is humble and fights from his heart pity we can’t say the same about idiots who don’t give credit where credit is deserved!

  • Anus

    please make Penna fight a real fighter, this dude sucks, I really want penna challenged

  • TaporSnapmaster

    WOW, what did you all think of Jedrie against JC Lamprecht… these Trinity boys come to fight. Have not enjoyed being a part of the crowd so much in such a long time….well done Jedrie, great effort….

  • TaporSnapmaster

    WOW, what did you all think of Jedrie against JC Lamprecht… these Trinity boys come to fight. Have not enjoyed being a part of the crowd so much in such a long time….well done Jedrie, great effort….

  • TaporSnapmaster

    Mark Hume worked hard to make weight and was exhausted yet still came to fight and brought a show. He is young and will make an impression, just give him time.

  • Anonymous

    I do not think so but time will tell

  • J3 koekemoer

    @mma-trainer trust me Mark Hume will go far what ever they are teaching him at undisputed is working take it from some one that has fought against him. he just needs to pay his dues like everybody in the amateurs

  • Anonymous

    If the “boy who has talent” is from undisputed, he will not go far and be as lucky as Penna

    • Mwas

      Am looking for the training place in nelspruit


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